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Review Policy
If you want me to read and review your book contact me at:, but first please read the conditions and remarks below and include the first ten pages as an attachment to your email.

I accept ARCs/finished copies (PDF/ epub) and audio books
I do not accept mobi.

Self-published or indie-published:
 I usually accept self- or indie-published books, but please email me first and include the name of the book, the author’s name and a short summary

Genres I do not accept:
Adult, Erotica, Non-Fiction, Crime, Self-Help, Horror, Religion, Manga

Genres I do accept:
I generally prefer to read young adult and I accept the following genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal, Dystopia, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Romance, Graphic Novel, Historical, Drama

Languages accepted:
English and German 

Time needed to read and review:
6+ weeks

Do-not-finish reviews:
I do write dnf-reviews and it’s actually not that rare. I like to think of reading as a pleasure, so when I do not like a book I will not force myself to read it, however every book deserves a chance so I always read at least the first 100 pages.

Reviews are published on:
This blog, Goodreads, Facebook and Amazon. If requested I also publish my reviews on LovelyBooks and others.
I do not publish my reviews on B&N.

If I am not interested in the book I will make sure to respond to you.

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